What we are actually, really, truly looking for...

We are looking for... just only 1 CONNOISSEUR + GENIUS
-who is also
(or may not be) a Investor too !

We finally believe that... 
Mr. Bill Gates / Mr. Larry Page / Mr. Jeff Bezos Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Mr. Larry Ellison are such few CONNOISSEURS & GENIUS -whom to we are big fan & admirer; and are looking for Business alliance with.

Few others are:
(i) Government of India (ii) India's Top 5 Industrialists.

Let us we exclusively & specifically clarify...
Money is primarily not in our mind or in our Terms-Conditions-or-Expectations-List.

We strongly believe that...
'Things should roll on ahead to reach its goal without any baseless reasons, sick ego or unnecessary delay; not only that... opportunities should must must materialize with Individual or group of...'Right People'; '@ Right Time'; @ 'Right Place'


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