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By default, there is...
'An invisible audio & video camera always rolling & active in everyone's Mind & Memory -that captures slightest bit of everything we think, feel & act every moment. And, So, therefore; all the forthcoming happenings -which are taking place in our Life; in fact, are the result of 'exactly what it was already recorded in one's mind, memory, brain & soul'. Infoscientist and Internet World Bank Team has a complete plan to work on it; and thus, to turn it in to a reality.
MESSAGE > So, we should be always very careful to take intelligent actions, attempts & decisions in Life.


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Any little or big information that is required by...
'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where'; should must be delivered at quickest possible moment before its actual need & expiry
may it be, that information is lying in someone's head /mind /memory or exist just anywhere in the world'.
Sorry'; 'Wait...' 'Wait...' 'Wait...' Saying this... "I really not intending or meant to compromising one's
privacy & secrets" (*I can further speak on this a minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP).


Vision & Mission- 3 of 7
To further comparatively better change in multiples and revolutionize the info & communication world;

Vision & Mission- 4 of 7
Further 50% grow the way People currently communicate each other worldwide;

Vision & Mission- 5 of 7
To produce $ 1 Trillion dollar & unlimited opportunities by December 2018 and distribute this among 7.4 billion People;

Vision & Mission- 6 of 7
To make Life of 7.4 billion People more better, healthier, happier & prosperous by applying best & maximum use of advanced tools of information & communication technology.

Vision & Mission- 7 of 7
General belief is that... "Human Fortune is controlled by Some Super Natural Power or God. Internet World Bank & World Introducer are all set to create and control Human Life and Businesses Fortune by using the advanced tools of technology.


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