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1 By default, there is... 'An invisible video camera always rolling on & active in Everyone's Life/Mind that captures slightest bit of everything we think, feel & act every moment.
And, so, therefore; all the forthcoming happenings which are taking place in our Life, are, in fact, the result of 'exactly what it was already captured & recorded in memory, brain, sub-conscious &
super-conscious mind'. 
So, We should be always very very careful to take intelligent attempts, actions and decisions in Life.
2 The whole secret of all achievements accomplishments and success in Life is to meet with... 
 'The Right Person'; (ii) 'At Right Time'; & (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill various needs of Life, Career & Business.
3 Any little or big information that is required by: 'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where'; should must be delivered at soonest possible before its expiry/ actual need. May it be 'that information is lying in someone's head / mind / memory or anywhere in the world'. ('Sorry'; 'Wait... Wait... Wait...' Saying this... I really not intending or meant to compromising one's privacy & secrets. *I can further speak on this a minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP). 
4 Dark is nothing but the absence of Light; Death is nothing, but the absence of Life.
5 Nothing is truly free in Life. Even the 'Earth' on which we live; the 'Air' we breathe; and the 'Light' we use from Sun. 100 out of 100 People in the world would say: All these are freely available to use to us at absolute no cost. Infoscientist will prove, convince & satisfy; 'All these are TRULY NOT FREE.
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