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urning points in Life need not be left to fate or blind faith in destiny, but can be consciously made to occur by people in this era of Internet and information technology
- says an Infoscientist, Inventor & Dreamer. The City-based Analyst Nawal Kumar Roongta has drawn up a blueprint of a prospective personal profile database of all persons on earth.

The idea of such a databank is to be able to provide a realistic basis for putting people in touch with their respective constantly ticking away,’ he told PTI. Why should there be only a ‘who’s who’ of important people? Why is it necessary that thoughts and views of only world famous personalities are recorded and published? Contemplating these questions, the analyst has come up with the idea of forming a ‘www. Internet Global’ which would be a forum to facilitate interaction between people all over the world in terms of their ideas, philosophies and at a practical level business concepts. People meeting for the first time are strangers to one another and considerable time is lost before they get to know and understand one another, notes Mr. Roongta. The globalisation process in future should encompass not only business and commerce but the realm of idea and intellectual property as well, he says. Keeping this in mind, ‘www. Internet Global & www.Global Citizens hopes to bridge these gaps through constantly updated research to compile a personal databank similar to a modern day ‘encyclopaedia’ that lists people, their idea and practices. Every sector, notably Global corporate giants with resources, should voluntarily contribute inputs for the databank. Since genetically, every person on earth has a unique character and behavioral pattern, it is important to record each person’s thoughts and aspirations as a common resource of mankind to be tapped for human welfare in general, he feels. However, every person has the right to seek protection for her or his intellectual property. Citing an instance, he points out that a marketing idea for a multinational can sometimes emanate from a common man or a roadside vendor rather than from high management echelons. How to protect the ideas of people and ensure that they get a fair compensation for their creative intelligence ? Roongta has conceived and practically tested & implemented a constructive role for ‘www.Internet Global Index. com’ in safeguarding the creative ideas of people, especially in India where intellectual property rights have not been guaranteed by the constitution. A global personal databank and Global Business Database is possible if every sector collects data so as to connect the right people in the right place at the right time. A side-benefit of such a databank would be its value to crime investigators, he says.
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The Sunday Interview By Nishantnl Josson SPECIAL FEATURES Bombay, Sunday, April 30,1995
Infoscientist Nawal Kumar Roongta is a multidimensional personality -Infoscientist, Database Researcher, Analyst, Inventor and above all a Dreamer. He plans to compile the identity of every individual on Internet, which will serve as a common platform for instantaneous communication among all. He has spent 25 years of his life in pursuit of this aim. 
What motivated you to spend 25 years of your life to achieve this single goal of world database of business and people !? When I was 15 years old, I saw the Hindi film Anand directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in Calcutta. In that film Rajesh Khanna had the habit of contacting any stranger just by assuming any name Rajesh Khanna called everybody a transmitter, which picks up vibrations and reflects it back, His having made friends with a complete stranger stood him in good stead later on in his (Khanna’s) life. At this time I had an idea which I was unable to express , then, However, a few years later, I came to Bombay myself with very limited sources to meet the characters of the film. After six to seven months, my money was really exhausted and I thought there was no alternative but to go back to Calcutta But on the eve of my departure I was launched by my conscience for not having taken any concrete steps towards my goal. I come across a tableau which said, ‘All your friends were strangers before they met.’’ Although for many these wards would not have had any effect, for me the reaction was tremendous At last, I had found the best way to express what I felt I happened to be walking past an unknown commander at Navy Nagar. I addressed him and managed to get a servant quarters provided and I brought my wife along with me In this way I conceived and believed in Why a directory of every person on the earth? It is not right that only the who’s who among the celebrity and elite class should earn recognition should be for all What we believe is that the concept of Yellow Pages is a body without a soul. For it is categorized only for the industries and organizations. Every individual together makes the body of the industry. Therefore, every individual should be considered, without which it will have a soul. What we ultimately aim at is to asses the complete profile in 200 parameters (every parameter has a sub- cub) of 4000 million people. (80 percent of the world population.) Through a satellite wireless network on the computer screen, every single person should be able to contact any other person on earth, in water or a air in instantaneously in the ratio 40:30:20:10:10. The excluded 20 percent includes beggars, mentally handicapped, corrupt people and those who are absolutely remote. The profile will include mind, memory, thought, etc. which will give detail of a person from 50 per cent to 70 per cent within 200 parameters. The core of business and life is to get the right person at right time. An opportunity lost is equal to that much worth of money lost. In such a case, there has to be a double coincidence of wants Strangers International will remove the word coincidence and replace it with incidence It will remove the question of luck and destiny in its natural course, and make the same question an actual possibility. The process of business and other transactions will then be made at a much faster rate Further, when BBC is able to broadcast hourly news and weather reports with much expertise all over the world, why not a complete and updated personal profile databank in this revolutionary age of international technology? How do you plan to execute this task? Ours is a private company named Strangers Communication Network Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Strangers International. After a joint venture with a multinational company and a telecommunication company the name is proposed to change to Strangers International Information and Communication Limited I Mr. Strange Stranger, the founder director and chief executive, plan to invite the attention of key personnel of Computers. telecommunication and on-line companies worldwide In other words, I have the research and aim now, looking for the resources. Combining both these will be pilot project which are not existing as of today. The particular attention of Bill Gates of Microsoft and Robert Allen of AT & This invited. This is my main purpose of communicating with the press. With regard it 25 years of research. We wish to bring into effect our purposes through joint ventures, which will be of mutual benefit and also benefit the world. What about the Individual’s right to privacy ? Those who don’t want their identity to be revealed at all, will be included in the list of ‘except exceptions’ There are also certain people who are not inclined to be contacted by anyone and everyone. But when asked if they would want to contact other people. They replied in the positive. There will be included in the ‘passive’ list Those who expect to get contacted by others will be included in the ‘active’ list The process involves the presentation of a person’s requirements which will be transferred. In case a person in the passive list is to be contacted, the system will act as a mediator and introduce the person concerned to the one in the passive list.

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Regd. No. MH/BYW 120 VOL XIV - NO. 269 lifeline * Bombay, Saturday, May 15, 1993 * by  NEEMA KAMDAR
"An infoscientist will compile a world database of every person on this planet. Infoscientist Nawal Kumar Roongta wants to do the impossible"
 I die now, I shall take birth again and complete my project. I am so serious and sentimental about it" says Mr. Nawal Kumar Roongta Very soon you realize that this Infoscientist takes few things lightly. "Nothing really happens till you are a stranger. If you don’t meet any person in your life, nothing can take place.’’ Which is why he has hit upon the idea of Internet Global & Global Citizens - an outfit that ambitiously aims to provide profiles of all 6000 million people in the world. "The whole thing in life is to get the right person at the right time. And with about 6,000 million people in the world and such a short life how can you contact anybody instantly!?’’ was his dilemma. Inspiration came from an unlikely source. Thirty years back, when he was watching the Film ‘Anand’, he was much affected by the scene where Rajesh Khanna befriends a passing stranger calling him by a dummy name ‘Murarilal’ When Amitabh asks him why he did that, his reply is, ‘Everybody is a transmitter. I reacted to some vibrations emitting from him. It’s a very grand theory. If you conduct a research on it, you will win a Oscar or Noble Prize.’’ This dialogue caught Mr. Roongta fascination and was firmly imprinted on his consciousness. He saw a lot of potential in the idea and was ‘pregnant’ with if for almost three decades’’. However, it was a mere greeting card (‘All your friends were strangers before you met them’’) that acted as a catalyst and he decided to do something big about it. His concept is an improvement on the yellow pages which merely provides an address and a contact number, not individual profiles. ‘Everybody is a unique and distinguished person which may seem to be a simple matter. But for Mr. Roongta, it is a complete product of commercial value.’’ The magnitude of the project does not discourage him. He points to the Encyclopedia Britannica as a successful example. ‘If they can give us detail of all visible & invisible objects in the universe, why can we not have a databank of all the people in the world!? Particularly, when everything is affected by individual. He finds it surprising that while there are compilations of animals, nature, there have been none of people. So, he plans to fill in this gap. ‘We shall introduce two stranger so that they can benefit from each other. Many times people say that they would never have been where they are had it not been for so and so.’’ Meeting the right people then becomes important and providing that missing opportunity is what Internet Global & Global Citizens intends to do. Thus they will have all the details of a person_ a photograph, signature, brief profile, his ideas, concepts, philosophies, etc. This will be made available at the press of a button and also in directory form. ‘Everything seems impossible till it actually happens." He tries to convince you. Who would have imagined a test-tube baby two decades ago? Or a fax, or the system of credit cards? But it all happened. ‘Ten years. Later this too will be a fact." He plans to complete it in five years. Though not very clear about how he will manage it, Mr. Roongta plans to rope in multinationals over the globe. These will sponsor Internet Global & Global Citizens services by offering it free to their consumers. In the meantime, he is not very sure if he will sell his product outright to a company or venture into it jointly. Reputed companies have shown interest in an affiliation, he claims, AT&T, Sprint, Ameritech, MCI Communications and Prodigy. With the infrastructure of these companies, communication will hardly remain a hurdle. ‘If we did not have the necessary equipment, I would say it is impossible but certainly not in the age of satellite,’’ defends Roongta. He has no mammoth staff to collect the data. But a simple strategy probably even simplistic. Application forms will be sent out along with the sponsor company’s products which will be returned after the consumers have filled it up. Though he does not rule out the possibility of indifferent consumers, he is also optimistic about it. There will be two categories of data available - of ‘active’ and ‘passive’ people. He classifies the former as those who not only want to avail of the facility but are also willing to divulge detail about themselves. On the other hand, passive people would just receive information but not give any. ‘In the research that I conducted six of 10 said they would not want a stranger to come to their office or house but would like to use the databank’’ If T N Seshan can have every voter carry an identification card. This could also be made possible. None of these, however can happen if you remain a stranger, says this man with a keen demeanor.

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