Just shut up,  Disappear  &  Get lost

Just Shut up !   Disappear !!   js  Get Lost !!

These are 3 words People speak out when they have serious objection on something or don't like some one for his/her serious objectionable acts. I also sometimes feel or wish to speak out something like this When someone make fun of my idea /Research; tells white-blank lie, try or make me fool, cheat or deceive me.

But, I have never reacted in such situation so that any Person should not mind or feel bad or say sorry.
Then, tonight @ 2 pm suddenly I got up from sleep and got an idea sparked...
Isn't it People are willing to tell me ...
? .? ? something like...
 Mr. Infoscientist...Will you Just Shut up !  Disappear!!  & Get  Lost !!!
But, they might not be telling this due to one or some other reason. So, I decided  to flip and ease the situation; and so, therefore; I hereby allow/announce that...
People visiting this site can comment/tell they wish...
without further delay or hesitation @ the email address: chairman@internetworldbank.net


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