Central  Idea & Concept

Idea & Concept - 1

"Not only you and your Parents; but, all your Relatives & Friends were 'Strangers'...When, they were first-of-all introduced by someone or before ‘that moment’ -when they 1st personally met each-other" (For instance : Now 'You' & 'Me') 
or else, you can say the above quote this simple way : 
"You and all your Relatives & Friends were 'Strangers' before they 1st met each-other"

Idea & Concept - 2
The whole secret of all achievements and success in Life is...
(i) 'The Right Person(s)' (ii) 'At Right Time' (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill All or different dreams, desires, needs & requirements of Life, Career & Business.

Idea & Concept - 3
Whatever we look around us and enjoy man-made things in our day to day Life & Business today; everything & all of them were conceived & born by someone’s thought or idea someday.

Idea & Concept - 4
Every single person in this world; and every visible or invisible object in and around universe, is.'unique', 'useful' and of a '1 unit value'. 

Idea & Concept - 5
No one in this world has monopoly of 'Idea' or 'Information'. 
"An excellent, unique & billion dollar$
 worthwhile brilliant idea may inspire from 'Anything'; or may come from 'Anyone', 'Anywhere'.


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