Foundation & Beginning

The Foundation... The Birth... ... The Beginning... ... ...
Who? What? When? Where? Why? & How?

We all live under the same sky. But, only a few see different horizons. Apple have been falling to the ground ever since they started growing on trees. But it took Isaac Newton to see the laws of gravity unfold with the falling fruit. In every age there are minds like this. Minds that perceive more than what the eyes sees. Brains that believe that knowledge is only limited by the imagination.

Millions say... The apple fell down. But, Newton  was the one to ask:

Similarly... at Kolkata, India in 1971, Infoscientist inspired
the following dialogue while watching a Hindi Movie Anand

Its  a  great  &  grand  theory  Babu  Moshay
If research on it, you will sure get Noble Prize


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