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I, (INFOSCIENTIST NAWAL KUMAR ROONGTA, FROM KOLKATA CITY OF INDIA) hereby wish to mention that I have researched 47 years for search engine & social media & better the 7.4 billion Life. Now, the research is complete & ready to turn in to reality. I am 100% confident that the research has power to produce $ 1 Trillion & unlimited opportunities and revolutionize the info world by December 2018. I have invested Over INR Rs. 2 Crore on this research while 47 years period. I conducted research thinking that I will deliver it to those who have resources. But, my experience now is very very bad, bitter & horrible. So, now, I have donated this research 99.999% here at this website @ no cost & conditions to visitors of this website. I kept 0.001% with me. To reveal this 0.001% it has a price & cost that can be personally discussed. Whatever is posted & available on my websites is free and @ no copyright or patent. Beyond the content available at my websites, I am available subject to availability & @ cost & conditions given below:-
(Note: I compelled to do this because of my repeated bad & bitter experiences with many People & Companies while last 25 years. I have fixed monthly expenses of INR 50,000 for which I experienced that no body is least bothered & concerned. Everybody is just simply interested only & only to take /snatch /grab /steal /dacoit my valuable intellectual property asset @ absolute free of cost + considering and telling me FOOL also).

1. Conversation over My Mobile Phone +91-9323757275 FREE for 1st 1 to 5 minutes <subject to cancel or change this any time. After 5 minutes, cost is INR Rs. 1000 that is prepaid for next 15 minutes in multiples.

2. Email at: chairman@internetworldbank.net free. But reply to that received email is 100% subject to NO REPLY or at my discretion or convenience free of cost or Rs.1000 prepaid for 1 email reply.

3. Whatsapp at +91-9323757275 FREE for 1st 1 to 5 minutes <subject to cancel or change this any time. After 5 minutes, cost is Rs. 1000 prepaid for next 15 minutes in multiples.
4. Personal Meeting :- INR Rs. 5000 prepaid for 1 hour <subject to cancel or change any time. Subject to prior appointment.

***With all best wishes, regards, lots of love and God bless everyone best of health, happiness & prosperity.

This is categorically & specifically clarified and mentioned that to achieve the result and returns are absolutely NOT guaranteed even 1% or .001% or absolute nothing. I have just tried my best but nothing nothing and nothing guaranteed or legally or anyway answerable and/or responsible and/or liable and/or deliverable and/or binding.

Message by : Nawal Kumar Roongta, Kolkata, India. Date: 1st September 2017


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