Big & Blunt Question(s)

When there is an 'Encyclopedia Britannica' & 'wikipedia' giving us the brief description about the origin & development of every visible and invisible object in this universe; then, why not...
"A complete Businesses & Personal Profile World Database of every Person and every single Business organization currently NOT available on Internet..!?"
When it is possible for BBC to broadcast 24 hours 'world news bulletin' & 'world weather report'... 
"Why a complete and updated personal Profiles & Business Database Index of every individual Person is not possible to create by using all information resources and communication tools available today..!?"
Why it is that...
There is ‘Who is Who’ only of celebrities, distinguished personalities and political leaders..? Whereas, it should also be made for everyone..!
"Because, every person is unique".
Why is it necessary that..
Thoughts & views of only 
celebrities and distinguished personalities are recorded & published..? whereas, it should also be recorded, published & available of everyone..!


When it is possible for Google Earth to make online available every nook & corner of earth; then,
Why it is not desirable & possible to have database of 7 bn. People available & networked on Internet in shortest time..!?


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