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Wright Brothers

* Note: This is a true story. But, exact all words are not confirmed.

*Some time long ago, once, Orville & Wilbur Wright Brothers along with 1 of their friend was walking through by sea side.

By looking on a group of birds flying in the sky... Orville Wright suddenly uttered an idea:-

"If birds can glide in the sky for long period of time, thenů why can't we human.!?

The friend (who was walking along with them) made absolutely negative comment & remark on Orville Wright's idea:
"Its impossible!  Human can't never fly like birds!! What absurd you are talking about.!? You are mad"

But, Wilbur Wright, (Orville Wright's younger brother) made favorable & positive remark and supported his elder brother with 100% confidence saying that...
"Brother, I don't know how we can fly like birds; but, since you think & believe so; then, I also say... "We can fly; One day we will sure fly".

Later, we all know that...
The Wright brothersOrville and Wilbur were two American aviators, engineers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are generally credited with inventing, building, and flying the world's first successful airplane.

ith reference to above story... An Important Request Note is given here below for My All Dear Guest/Visitor/Friend/Strangers: Infoscientist wish to urge that...
You please become my Brother in the role of...
Wilbur Wright WHILE YOU VISIT THIS WEBSITE and read its content, and (x) NOT place yourself in the role of Friend.
So, before you proceed to visit the website just ask the following little question to yourself...
Where do you place yourself...?
In place of   Wilbur Wright   or   in place of Friend ?

Thanks. Regards. Love & Good-Luck.

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