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Every Person in this world is always surrounded with 1 Emergency; and Top 10 Priorities; which includes Dreams, Desires & Ambition; Problems; Questions; and various urgent needs of Life
We seriously feel and considerate every such situation is, 
as if... 

"A Patient is in very critical condition; S/he should be immediately admitted into Intensive Care Unit
 - and S/he needs an immediate attention & medical assistance delivered to him/her at right time before this is too late, or S/he dies. 
If the medicines, medical support and doctor's help is not provided to that Patient at right time, S/he will die. 

With this example above, We wish to say that... 
An emergency and Top 10 priorities of day to day Life of every person must be fulfilled and delivered at right time or in well advance.  is to play the master role in this exercise and the whole process.

When we talk about source of information; We then, generally talking about 'Yellow Pages'; 'Directories' or 'Encyclopedias' available in print, CD or available at Internet.

'World Introducer' wants to shock you Be prepared to get shocked ! 

As you know, 'Yellow Pages'; 'Directory', 'Encyclopedia' or 'Google' 
can not speak live
. Isn't it..!? 

Now, We have 7 billion (+) People in this world. Every person has their exclusive and unique 'storage' & 'stock' of live memory in their head. Every such 'memory hard disk' of all 7 billion People is consisting of 'Unique Yellow Page/Directory/Encylopedia comprising of millions or billions live files & folders 'that is 
made of Text, Pictures, Audio, Video, Smell, Colors etc. etc)

Now, just imagine
won't you be excited to experience, if... 
This entire unique storage of all 7 bn. People
 live memory is inter-connected-&-networked together into a single network..!??? And that network is available online; reachable & usable anytime, anywhere by everyone !!!

Just imagine for a moment about "thundering power of 7 bn. People's such collective unique storage live memory..!?
Y-e-s, 't-h-i-s  i-s  p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e'. 

Every person has got a unique & distinguished character; nature & identity. No person in the world can think and act in exactly the same manner like any other. 
For instance
..."In all the history of the world there was never anyone exactly same like ‘You’; and... in all the infinity of time to come, there will never be any other exactly same like you.
(For example : Now 'You' & 'Me')


Being every person a'Unique' & 'distinguished' and...
Being every person a ‘Stranger’ 
these 2 things are not more than a 'simple matter’ for any one

These two ‘simple factors’ of 7 billion People are the basic element & raw material of all services presented by 


here is the answer...

‘Meeting of two Strangers at first, generally seems nothing more than a ‘simple matter’ or an 'ordinary event'.

But, for these 2 simple factors are a matter of great research; and converting these into a real product and service of a monetary value.


Yes. here is the answer...

Simply, please divide the age of earth or universe (that is...
around 15 billion years) in to the world’s total population (that is... apx. 7000 million People) Now, just imagine that average figure 
comes  to...??? e.g.ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 
...and so on many many, such Zeroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
...(s) ended by 1

'Introducer' is to materialize things at 'right time' and at 'right place' and with the 'right People' through its various services for every stranger pair of seven bn. People('Mr. A' & 'Mr.C' ) based on ‘that most minute average figure / situation mentioned above.


An invisible thought converted into a tangible product of billion dollar$.

Most of ‘Precious things’* in our Life & world are... 
invisible & incomplete.

The value of all such things results into a big & total difference, when it is converted into a real tangible product.

For instance 
: ‘A bearer Cheque worth of one billion dollar is merely a piece of paper before the moment it is signed by the accountholder’.  is to play an introducing role in your Life and Business in accordance to the above thought, acting either as a ‘Cheque’ and/or ‘signature’ and/or ‘both’ through its various products & services.

  * Some of the Top Most precious things in our Life and in this universe are :-
Mind Memory Thought Opportunity Breath
Soul   Air Time   Luck Destiny
Trust Faith Confidence Love Happiness
Light Sound Intelligence Experience Fortune
Signature on Currency Signature on Cheque
...and many many other such things & objects

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