About information & communication


Information & communication -these 2 things are very vital part and plays a big role in Everyone's Life.

Internet, Mobile, Landline Phone, Search Engines; Social Media, All kinds of other Media & all other information and communication resources and tools are currently doing good job to deliver various services to the People & Businesses. People are using all these tools & services ...and they are happy.

In spite all this, let us flip this for a moment as follows:-

Any little or big information* that is required by: 'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where'; should must be delivered at soonest possible before its expiry/need -May it be 'that information is lying in someone's head
(mind /memory) anywhere in the world'.

('Sorry'; 'Wait...' 'Wait...' 'Wait...' Saying this... I really not intending or meant to compromising one's privacy & secrets. (*I can further speak on this minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP).


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